Bookmark and Share“How, in a world of plenty, can people be left to starve? We think, ‘It’s just the way of the world.’ But if it is the way of the world, we must overthrow the way of the world. Enough is enough.” —Bono

“In the twenty-first century, the world has no excuse for tolerating the existence of a billion people going without food. Enough is a passionate and clearly-reasoned call for action to finally end forever the age-old scourge of hunger for any human being.”—Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and author of Creating a World Without Poverty

“Thurow and Kilman are journalists who have covered famines in Africa, agricultural policy in the corridors of Washington and Brussels, and food commodities markets in Chicago. Yet their book is more than just a rough first draft of history. While grounded in colourful, entertaining reportage, Enough also displays a depth of thought and research more commonly found in academic studies. Well-chosen anecdotes bring the issues to life."-Financial Times

"For a general wrap-up of how we got into this mess and what we need to do about it, you can't do better than Enough by Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman... [A] very readable book."-New Scientist

Read an excerpt from ENOUGH, or watch the video

Scott Kilman interviews Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug in one of his last interviews (watch the video)

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